Partnership with RapidAPI Makes it Easy to Test and Deploy CurrencyStack API

RapidAPI is an API Marketplace for developers to find, connect, and manage their API connections. Find the APIs that you need for your project, embed the API into your app, and track usage of all your APIs through a single dashboard.

This marketplace is a one-stop-shop for exploring, testing and deploying solutions that help improve digital experiences and applications–but it just became even more robust with the addition of CurrencyStack APIs.

Currencystack is partnering with RapidAPI to provide developers with reliable currency exchange rates for 154 world currencies for any programming environment. RapidAPI lets developers find and connect to APIs and manage multiple API connections in one place.

The integration comes with a Freemium account option, which guarantees you 2000 API calls every month. Once you use them, you can continue to operate your account on a pay-as-you-go basis.

In offering our APIs through RapidAPI, we make it easy for developers in the community to find real-time mid-market exchange rates provided in JSON format and work for any programming environment. The mid-market rate is the midpoint between demand and supply, that’s why it changes all the time. The mid-market rate is the rate you will find on independent sources such as Google and XE. Currency data delivered by is sourced from top-level financial data providers, various commercial sources & banks.

Here are a few perks of using CurrencyStack through Rapid API:

  • Through RapidAPI, you can discover useful APIs and connect them faster
  • You get to manage all of them from one single platform
  • The billing for all the APIs you use are all organized in one place
  • You receive great customer support from an excellent team of developers